Extreme Iron Pro Gym Success Stories

  • Eric L, Extreme Iron Pro Gym Testimonials

    The best gym around bar none! Great staff&ownership! Trainers there are best in the industry with a wealth of knowledge. If you wanna take your fitness to the next level in all aspects, this gym is the place.

    Eric L
  • Adam D, Extreme Iron Pro Gym Testimonials

    Visited here twice . Always super hospitable and catering . Can't say enough good things about staff I have encountered and great customer service that I'm sure trickles down from the top.

    Adam D
  • Sherry S, Extreme Iron Pro Gym Testimonials

    Best gym in the country! Not only is it beautiful and they have the latest innovative equipment, they are so friendly and helpful. They have equipment you won't find any place else. The perfect gym whether you are a bodybuilder or a trophy wife. It's one of the few gyms that you can actually trust the trainer to know what they're doing.

    Sherry S
  • Sherri B, Extreme Iron Pro Gym Testimonials

    It's my favorite gym in Texas. I live 60 miles away. It's worth the daily drive even through rush hour and construction traffic! Equipment is in excellent condition. The environment is great.

    Sherri B
  • Lance T, Extreme Iron Pro Gym Testimonials

    By far the best gym in the metroplex!! Everyone very helpful an very friendly an can get supplements right after your work out. Love this place!!

    Lance T
  • Kim C, Extreme Iron Pro Gym Testimonials

    The best gym with the great equipment for individuals serious about their physique. The staff is very professional and helpful also.

    Kim C
  • Patti S, Extreme Iron Pro Gym Testimonials

    This gym is incredible!!!! The equipment plus state of the art. The owner and staff are incredibly friendly and are involved with all the clients. I love every day I work out here....which is EVERY DAY!!! Love you Extreme Iron Pro!!!!

    Patti S
  • Emilio B, Extreme Iron Pro Gym Testimonials

    This has to be the best gym ever! The staff is super friendly and make you feel right at home. This is a place where you can come be yourself and get a great workout. Also, the equipment is like no other, not your typical run of the mill Big Box gym stuff. They really took their time and hand selected every piece to make sure you get the most of out your workouts.

    Emilio B
  • Chris Hickman, Extreme Iron Pro Gym Testimonials

    Amazing gym - folks are like family here; very well maintained equipment, attentive staff and a very serious, focused clientel. With facilities like this, you'd think the price would be outrageous -- but it's surprisingly affordable for Dallas's premiere gym.

    Chris Hickman
  • Jared W, Extreme Iron Pro Gym Testimonials

    Pretty much the perfect, no frills gym experience. If you're serious about training check this place out. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff, HUGE variety of machines, tons of leg equipment. This place caters to every style of athlete due to the wide variety of equipment they have, including strongmen/strongwomen, bodybuilders, fitness models, athletes, and the everyday average joe/jane just trying to get in shape.

    One other important note: Unlike most "Pro"/Hardcore gyms, Extreme Iron is probably the cleanest gym I have ever stepped foot in.

    Jared W

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