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One of the most frequently asked questions is “How do I get more power?” or ” How do I become more powerful in my lifts?” An answer most commonly given is master your olympic lifts. Well that is a bit easier said than done, due to olympic lifting is a sport all by themselves and may take years to master which may not be a realistic choice. Here are five choices that also require a lot of practice to master, but none the less help you, the lifter, create more power!

1. Get stronger in the two big lifts

The Deadlift and The Squat. You will need to perform twice your body weight to be considered powerful.

2. Plyometrics are your friend

Practice jumps both vertical (box jumps) and horizontal (long or broad jumps). The ability to move your body through space creates more power. If you aren’t very strong or overweight focus on the next choice which is C.A.T….

3. Compensatory Acceleration Training (C.A.T)

A technique promoted by strength Coach Josh Bryant. C.A.T. is focused on how fast you can move the bar in your exercise from point A to point B without poor training technique. If you can move more weight faster you are more powerful.

4. Any Triple Extension Exercise

This means any movement that looks out the ankles, knees, and hips. Examples would be Trap Bar Deadlifts, Tire Flips, Kettle Bell Swings, Medicine Ball Slams, and Farmers Walk. As you can see it involves a variety of alternative strength training techniques and disciplines.

5. A leaner you creates a more powerful you!

This means you can move better if you are leaner, not lighter. So be careful not to be bulky, eat to be more powerful. So keep it frequent but also keep it clean.
Follow these tips and you will certainly be a more powerful you!!

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