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Most of us take it very personally when exercises we use in our workout programs are challenged, especially when they are lifts that we build our programs around. I am hopefully going to give you some better alternatives or choices….

1. Bench Press

Most of us grew up answering the question “What do you bench press?” Bench press for years was the gold standard for how strong you were or what type of athlete you were. The truth is that the bench press, thought of as the big 3 in Power Lifting, often leads to injury. Truth be told the bench press is not a great choice in chest development. The risk/reward just isn’t worth it. The Incline Bench Press, Dumbbell chest press, and Dips are better choices and much less risky when it comes to injury.

2. Dynamic or Walking Lunges

From Joe DeFranco to many known orthopedic surgeons Dynamic or Walking Lunges are a Big NO! Regardless of technique/form, sooner or later you are going to have knee pain. Again the risk/reward is too great for the strength benefits. A great alternative to this exercise that does have muscular benefits is the Reverse Lunge. When performed in strategic fashion it is great for glute/hamstring development as well as increased quad strength without the risk of knee injury. The form to this movement is exactly the same as the Dynamic Lunge, except you are going backwards instead of forwards.

3. Planks

Today we live in the age of what strength coach Charles Stuley calls “Fitness Alarmism”. All we hear is how we don’t have enough Core Strength and most fitness populations call “the plank” the cure for all that are “core efficient” or “core weak”. The reality is that The Plank is a static exercise where there is absolutely no lengthening or shortening of the muscle. The Plank is hard and it burns, but as far as getting you stronger…Planks really don’t get you stronger. You just get more conditioned to holding you r body up over a period of time. A great alternative is a stability ball abdominal curl or crunch. When performing this exercise, you are doing reps or repetitions and actually contracting the muscle. This not only strengthens your core, but helps you build a stronger lower back as well.

When selecting exercises make sure they actually do what they claim to do. Nothing is more worse than dedicating time and energy into an exercise that doesn’t produce the results we want or worse…gets us hurt.

Until later…Train Smarter…Not Longer!!

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