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When you are doing both weights and cardio in the same training session, when is the best time to perform your cardiovascular conditioning? For most of us, we are trying to change our bodies look or appearance… more muscle, less fat. So it would make sense that you would strength train first. Not so fast… you have one school of thought that says do your cardio first, it will act as a large warm-up thus in theory, you will have a better strength training session. Then you have another group that says why go through your optimal blood sugar levels if you aren’t using them to lift weights. Furthermore, if the intensity level is one of a ‘warm-up’, how much are you actually getting done?

So who is right???

As it turns out…the group that says when performing both styles of “work” in the same session, choose weights first. That opinion is supported based on information created by a recent study done by the ‘New England Journal of Sports Medicine’. The study found that when healthy, resistance trained men performed aerobic endurance exercise before resistance training session, the following was documented:

  • Fewer reps were completed
  • Average power and velocity of lifts were significantly reduced
  • Ratings of perceived exertion were greater
  • Heart rates were higher when compared to control group

When training both cardio and weights in the same training session and the goal is to produce or increase your lean muscle tissue, then you need to strength train or lift weights first! Also beware that the techniques you use for recovery need to be a bit more aggressive as well. Until later, remember—-train smarter……not longer!

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