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1. The Entitled “Brand New Trainer”

Years ago I had an intern come up to me on his second day of work and ask me when he was going to start training clients. Keep in mind that this kid was not even out of school nor had he been involved in any type of certification process. When I explained to him there was much to learn before I would put him with anyone, he let me know that he was going to have his degree soon, and he didn’t go to college just to work the front desk.

You can guess how I handled that one! There seems to be a pattern of young people not wanting to pay their dues or willing to gain valuable gym experience by learning the little things about how a gym works or how you maneuver your way around a weight room. Worst yet, many suffer from the grand illusion of short work weeks and six figure incomes. Trainers work when their clients don’t. So stay away from the trainer who isn’t willing to work early or stay late. Training is a service/people business. Hire the guy who focuses on his people, not his brand. Experience matters!

2. The Celebrity Trainer

Let’s be honest… There is no such thing as a “Celebrity Trainer!” Are there trainers who work with celebrities?….Absolutely! But pay attention, those guys don’t brag about it or use it as a marketing tool. Let’s look even closer to the one’s calling them “celebrity trainers”…. a.) they are the only one’s calling them that b.) maybe did work with Elton John’s personal assistant’s brother 5 years ago. Get the picture? Furthermore, just because he/she starts training someone famous doesn’t mean they know what they are doing.

3. The mean old school guy

Part of me is that guy. I really look up to the men and women of this industry that have been doing this for more than a lot of you coaches have been alive. Those coaches COACH!

They rely on the basic movements, strong nutrition, and great communication to make their clients and athletes better. But I would also like to stress that these coaches are always ready, listening, and learning. They embrace change. Be cautious of the guy who is stuck in his ways and his reason for your squat not getting better is because you are a sissy and not mentally tough enough to train with him.

Let’s not take into account that maybe he is a shitty teacher. It’s never them…it’s always the client. Barbells 20 years ago are still barbells today. But there has been so much that has changed on how to use them. Stay away from the guy who feels that there isn’t anymore he can learn!

4. The “I know anatomical terms” trainer

Okay so we all know the trainer who is really smart and has completed every certification out there. But you still have to communicate your knowledge. Watch out for the trainer who over complicates things. You are a trainer, not a doctor, so keep it simple! I am more impressed with the guy who can communicate in a way everyone can understand what he is saying. There are many benefits such as results to name a big one, when you get a trainer who can teach you as well as train you.

5. The over promise and under deliver trainer

This one is easy. Your program should have hard work and consistency as part of the major components of how you are going to be successful. Anyone who would rather teach a short cut instead of hard work is a phony. If anything, look for the trainer who teaches you to train smarter….NOT Longer! As with any decision…do your research.

Look around and ask questions. Most importantly, make sure that it is the right choice for you 🙂

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