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1. Work Hard.

Simply stated… you have to really put in the work. And by work I don’t mean leaving reps left in the exercise. Here is an example of that…Let’s say that you are preforming a 10 rep exercise or movement. Reps 1-5 should be difficult, reps 6-8 hard, and the last 2 you can barely get them completed. So the weight should be where you can get 8, but no way you could have performed 9. To accomplish this you really need to be honest with yourself where your starting point is. Hard work is all about your attitude and work ethic.

2. Work Smart.

This means before you get to the gym have a plan. Have a well thought out plan on what you are training. How are you going to train it? What is going to be your acute variables such as sets, reps, intensity, tempo, and rest? By having a plan you have the ability to actually chart your progress. Another under used technique is the warmup and warm up sets. Pick any activity such as the bike, stairs, or treadmill and briskly work-0ut for 10-15 min to elevate your heart rate as it preps your body for work. Warmup activities are the best way to prevent injuries. Then there is the warmup sets. These are not working sets, but activity sets where you are working and preparing your body for the actual exercise so you can use the weight you need in order to produce gains or improvement.

3. Eat Clean

Eat to support your physique goals. This one is easy. In the words of the great Jeff Dwelle, “You eat like shit and you will look like shit.” Be smart about what you put in your body. Adopt a champions mindset and eat what it takes, and how it takes to achieve the physique you strive for.

4. Be Consistent

This one goes hand in hand with “Work Smart.” In anything you choose to do if you are going to be great at it, you must be consistent!

These 4 points are not “Rocket Science”, but you would be surprised how difficult they are to follow. Get organized, Get focused, Be consistent, and watch yourself become successful. Until later, train smarter…Not longer!

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