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Little things that lead to positive results when it comes to having a successful workout or experience in the gym.

Why is it that some people hit the gym with everything they have… and have very little to show for it? And others seem to get GAINZ with very little work at all? If you you pay attention to what all the “SUCCESSFUL” people are doing you will find some common techniques or attitudes:

1. LEAVE SOCIAL MEDIA in your gym bag!

Taking breaks for “SELFIES” and scrolling through INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK takes away valuable time and momentum. It creates a “CHOPPY”, or worse, inconsistent workout. Go to the gym to TRAIN, do all your SOCIAL MEDIA after your training.


Don’t go into any workout not knowing ahead of time what you are Training. Know what exercises, how many sets, how many reps, rest between sets… you get the picture. In order for you to get the physique or body that you want, you need to know how to do it, then STICK TO THE PLAN! Without plan to succeed you will most certainly FAIL!

3. A large part of having a successful program or workout is YOU.

Your ATTITUDE will definitely effect how you train.When you hit the gym EVERYTHING is positive!! Don’t be that guy that has a lot of drama, or is always complaining, or is always talking about how he doesn’t feel good. Don’t be him! More importantly stay away from that guy! He will drain you, and you need all your positive energy to put into your workout. People, be selfish, this is your time, don’t give it away or let people take it away from you. BE SELFISH WITH YOUR TIME!!

4. Don’t train or hang out with negative people!

This one is easy, it’s similar to #3, but different. This one I feel speaks for itself.

5. Being in the gym is about YOU

This one is similar to #3 and #4, being in the gym is about YOU. It’s about making you YOU happy. Don’t pay a single bit of attention or give energy to what others think of your training. The saying “too many Chiefs in the kitchen ruins dinner”. It has some meaning here. Take information that helps you get better, disregard opinions.

6. If you are going to improve then you need to be selfish and make your workouts your priority.

Some might say that’s extremely selfish, but it is really all about choices and time management. If improving is a priority then make it your #1 priority.

Be successful in the gym takes time, thought, planning, organization, toughness and consistency. If you are not seeing the results that you are looking for then try implementing these tips or techniques and you will see a difference. Until next time.

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