(Guest post by Athena Vangalis)

Calling all gym-goers, health nuts and athletes – I have a question, what is strength? Let me re-phrase that: What is your definition of strength? What does it mean in your mind “to be strong”?

To define strength, in my opinion:

To be strong is to be confident in what you are doing and proceeding with the path you are on, despite your obstacles in life. To be strong is not just physical, but mental as well. Strength to me is to mentally plow through the struggles that might be happening in your life. Sometimes it’s buried in your mind, and you have to dig it up. That’s how I try to become the best ”me”. To be a daughter, a sister, an athlete, a friend, a bodybuilding competitor, and someday a mother; All of these titles require different styles of strength. That is my personal belief of defining strength to correlate with my goals and lifestyle.

Strength is about believing in yourself, and so passionately that you’re not afraid of facing the situation at hand. Strength is telling yourself that you are good enough, brave enough, and strong enough to overcome that obstacle. Because you can. It’s realizing that you are capable ANYTHING you set your mind to.

True strength will emphasize what is said from the heart. I hope my definition of this ignites a fire in someone and motivates someone to take the next step…

Strength is persevering.

The lifestyle balance of health and fitness can be somewhat of an obstacle to level of gym-goer, health nut or athlete. This is where Extreme Iron Pro Gym comes into play – a place tailored to different lifestyles and goals of a slew of people. Whether it’s completing a half-marathon, adding mass, torching fat, winning a strongman competition or stepping on stage for a bodybuilding show.

The equipment is second to none and this gym equips Your Strength. This place is one where I persevere. Everyday is a lesson, I fail, and try again until I get it right and grow stronger.

So, what is your definition of strength? If you are trying to lay down a health & fitness goal and figure out where you belong, come to Extreme Iron. There are so many methods of training, strengths of knowledge from coaches, and trainers that are tailored to fit your goals. For more inspiring progress, different styles of training, and a motivating environment, come see what everyone’s taking about!

Stay passionate, friends!

“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”– Arnold Schwarzenegger

Happy Training,

Athena Vangalis
Instagram: @athena6

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