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Every gym has this guy. The guy who has tried EVERY WORKOUT and is a self proclaimed EXPERT. Just ask him and he will tell you, nobody knows workouts like him…. NOBODY!

All workouts work…. and then they don’t.

Anyway, this is what we do know. ALL WORKOUTS WORK…. and then they don’t. A lot goes into a workout, more variables then just trying hard or having a good plan. One reason why workouts fail is that the user doesn’t give the routine a fair chance or a honest amount of time. When starting a new program you really need to give it your best effort for 5 weeks.

I mean your total commitment, no cutting corners, no manipulating, STICK TO THE SCRIPT!! Another reason why a workout program doesn’t work is that the user is training for the wrong goals or reasons.

Here is an example: one of our members comes up and we start talking. I ask him how his training is going and he tells me that he is frustrated. “WHY?” is my response. Then, before he can answer, I ask him “what are you training for?” What are your training goals? He then explains that he wants to look better, feel better, drop a few pounds. Those I explain are FITNESS GOALS and can be easily reached by tightening up your diet and being consistent with your eating. I then said, HOLD THAT THOUGHT, we will get back to your diet, tell me about your training routine and why are you frustrated.

He then explains that he doesn’t have a lot of time, and feels like he is always cutting his workout short, thus not getting the maximum benefits. So I asked him, how was he training? He then went on to explain that he trains a body part a day, 20 sets per workout, 5 days a week taking weekends off, oh and by the way, doesn’t have any time for cardio. I then explained that there was a more efficient way to train that may best fit his needs.

He got a solid workout from a guy who competed and used the same program for his last show and looked great! I then explain that training is not a 1 size fits all and that he needs to implement a style of training that best fits his current schedule and time constraints.

So this is a great example of just choosing a great style that just happens to be wrong for you. I suggested that he switch over to a total body style of training, lifting 3 days per week, every other day, this will allow him to accomplish his fitness goals and save him some time. We need to do our homework and match our goals up with the correct training discipline, that often insures us the opportunity to be more successful.

Another point is, don’t always compare what you are doing to what others are. i.e. worry about yourself and again give yourself time. The common denominator is that we all want to be successful with our training experience, we just have to understand that how we get there will be with the best method that works for you.

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