EXTREME IRON PRO GYM prides itself in accommodating numerous strength training disciplines. With that we also want to promote a menu of training programs as well. Today I want to examine a training protocol that originated in College Weight Rooms across the country and then found its way into the Commercial Gym Industry, CLUSTER TRAINING.

CLUSTER TRAINING is organizing your movement patterns in the specific oder of, PUSH, PULL, CORE, QUAD/HIP. You want the exercises to be COMPOUND MOVEMENTS, as to recruit as much muscle as well as assisting muscle groups as possible. Because you are trying total body the volume won’t be crazy but it will be challenging.

Another thing to consider when designing your program is to keep your movements in the same exercise plan, i.e. VERTICAL PULL with VERTICAL PUSH. That translates to CLOSE GRIP PULL DOWN and STANDING SHOULDER PRESS. Then I would pair HORIZONTAL PULL with HORIZONTAL PUSH. That translates to 1 ARM DB ROWS with BENCH PRESS. NO MACHINES, but if you must train with a machine make sure its a PLATE LOAD. FREE WEIGHTS PROMOTE THE FASTEST AND GREATEST BENEFITS!!!

When selecting your CORE EXERCISES, alternate a style of PLANK with a ROTATIONAL CORE exercise. This ensures that your entire abdominal area as well as low back is trained correctly.

When selecting your QUAD MOVEMENTS, try to choose SQUATS, LUNGES and STEP UPS over LEG PRESSES. Ideally you want to choose movements that don’t lock your hips in, but if you have to use them go ahead. Also, GLUTE/HAMSTRING RAISE, STIFF LEGGED DEADLIFTS, REVERSE HAMSTRING are preferred over LYING LEG CURL. Again, if you have to go ahead.

When finalizing your PROGRAM DESIGN you can try the program below

CLOSE GRIP PULL DOWNS-3 sets 10 reps


CORE-PLANKS – 3 sets for time

SQUATS – 3 sets 10 reps

Thats is WORKOUT A, WORKOUT B is as follows…

1 ARM DB ROW -3 sets 10 reps

BENCH PRESS -3 sets 10 reps


Your PERSONAL FITNESS GOALS will determine your sets, reps and recovery (time between sets) time between sets. Another benefit to this style of training is that if you want to super set the exercises in the same movement plane you can. For example…

CLOSE GRIP PULL DOWNS superseded with / STANDING SHOULDER PRESS – 3 sets 10 reps.

This is a great technique if you are wanting to kick up the intensity!

You have probably noticed that there isn’t any ARMS listed in this workout. ARMS are considered an ISOLATION MOVEMENT, so coaches didn’t add them to the protocol. GO ahead if you want, but train the triceps then biceps.

ALL PROGRAMS WORK, and then THEY DON’T. This iOS a great way to change things up as well as a real solid way to train. Whatever way you decide, commit to the process and give it and you a fair amount of time to work. And most importantly, TRAIN SMARTER <NOT LONGER>

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