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Personal Trainers/Strength Coaches are extremely important when it comes to creating a “TRAINING ENVIRONMENT”. So when selecting or hiring one I have added a few points which I feel makes the hiring or selection of these individuals easier.

10 Thinks That Require Zero Talent


My pet peeve and I think a lot of people share this thought, people who are consistently late DO NOT RESPECT your time. People who are also consistently late also tend to be VERY UNORGANIZED. As a client you pay a trainer for a block of time or time slot. By starting late and ending late you are now messing with someone else training time. Being on time is a reflection of your pride, work ethic and character.


Be the 1st in the building to turn the lights on and the last one to leave to turn the lights off. Help out and lend a hand in doing day to day jobs. Be a good teammate, always have a HAPPY TO DO IT ATTITUDE. WORK ETHIC, like BEING ON TIME, says a lot about WHO you are as a person.


This one can be looked at a couple of ways. Always be prepared or have a plan with your clients and always set a TRAINING PACE that you ALWAYS EXPECT YOU AND YOUR CLIENT TO BE TRAINING AT.

Take and keep records, this shows that not only are you concerned with progress, but it shows you care.

Make an effort to really get to know your clients Goals, fears, failures, successes, know them all. Communicate with your client. Gathering information requires EFFORT.


This is a big one. Again your posture, your body is telling a story of who you are. This could be from standing with your arms crossed while talking to someone, or sitting down while training a client. While at work, do your best to be high energy, positive, and focussed. All this can be told by your BODY LANGUAGE. Uncross your arms, stand up and SMILE.


Look tired act tired pretty much means your tired. How fired up is somebody to train with someone who looks like they need a nap?!?ENERGY has a lot to do with how you take care of yourself. Eat right, drink your water, get your sleep, and exercise! To look energetic you have to have ENERGY!!

You can also create ENERGY by greeting people when you enter the building. Or at the start of every session or workout saying something positive to your client. You can create ENERGY by complimenting your coworkers and clients, by being polite. You can find a lot of resources for good positive ENERGY, the biggest resource is WANT TO.


This is a big one…ATTITUDE is EVERYTHING!!!! ATTITUDE is the thing that you have 100% control of. ATTITUDE is what you say and how you say it. ATTITUDE comes out in all of the above topics that we have covered so far.


This one is defined on how much you put into yourself being a better Personal Trainer or Strength and Conditioning Coach. Are you trying to improve so you can be better for your clients. Again,this says a lot of who you are as a trainer, WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO GET BETTER?? I often get the question “When can I raise my rates?”. My answer is always the same, What have you done to get better in the last 12,6,3 months,yesterday? You can tell by a trainer’s BODY LANGUAGE, ENERGY and ATTITUDE if they are PASSIONATE.


This is a BIG ONE. Can you process constructive criticism and get better from it? Do you have the ability to learn new techniques and disciplines that will help you get better? Can you change? A big part of being a trainer is the ability to learn and get better. Don’t be that OLD DOG who can’t learn new tricks.


This has to do with being aware of your environment and just helping out. Not doing what is required but doing a bit extra without being asked. You will be amazed how much people and coworkers will see that and respect it.


Be ready to go to work. Pack your gym bag the night before. Prepare your clients workouts in advance, not minutes before. BEING PREPARED is the 1st step in being a PROFESSIONAL.

The above 10 things don’t require anything but a shift in your mindset. Start practicing them and not only will you be a positive force in your gym environment, but you will be SUCCESSFUL!!

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