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The great thing about the gym business is all the great people that you get to meet. You also get to meet some INTERESTING ones as well, folks that don’t improve the “VIBE”of the training environment you are trying to create.


Every gym has one,this guy lets out the loudest yell or scream on the last rep of every exercise he preforms.His work out usually involve a lot of secondary and isolation movements.He almost always comes across as annoying vs. a hard lifter.This guys screams will chase more members and piss off your most serious lifters.


This guy knows EVERYBODY and EVERYTHING.Often volunteers information about EVERYBODY.This guy has ZERO boundaries and you will lose members because people want to train,if they want to watch TMZ they will do that at home.This guy hurts feelings and erodes a great environment through lies and incorrect interpretation.This guy is a CANCER and you need to cut him out.


This guy closes gyms down because nobody wants to train at a gym that could potentially get RAIDED. Anybody who looks like they sell STEROIDS you need to pay a lot of attention to, BECAUSE OTHERS ARE TOO. This guy steals the integrity from your gym. He isn’t always obvious,be he is there. Keep your guard up.


This guy does his set and just sits there on the equipment. He doesn’t let anyone work in and takes his time. And when asked if someone can work in its always “NO”. Make sure he knows that you have to SHARE and let others WORK IN. He does not play well with others,make sure he knows that at your gym that he has to. If you nip this one in the bud early he generally isn’t a problem.


In this day and age and at the height of the personal hygiene age, yes we still have smelly people.This guy usually has no idea that he stinks, which makes it even harder to let him know, “Bro you smell bad”. People who smell bad will send members running for the exits QUICK! As polite as you can be, just pull the guy aside and let him know that there is a problem, it’s not easy but it has to be done.

Creating the perfect environment isn’t easy, but if you want to be successful you need to create a GREAT ONE!

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