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What you listen to when you are training largely has a BIG IMPACT on how well you train. In creating a positive TRAINING ENVIRONMENT music plays a big role. Here is the tough part….what motivates and fires you up, may have the complete opposite effect on someone else.

I remember when listening to the trumpets of the “ROCKY”soundtrack would send off signals in your head for GO TIME! Today, most people under the age of 45 think it’s ELEVATOR MUSIC. Heavy metal gets some people ready to train when to others it gives them a headache. Rap, rock & roll, techno, you name it and some people love it and the rest hate it. So what does a gym owner do?

Although a large number of gym members wear head phones or ear buds, you still have many members who don’t. They have to listen to what you are playing, and believe me… you are going to get their opinion of it. There is no correct answer, but here are a few suggestions that have been helpful:

There are many music services that allow you to select and play music. Pandora, Spotify, and Google Music are a few of the more popular choices. Whichever one you choose, make sure that it rotates a variety of artists and styles. You could program pop, metal, classic rock, top 40, rap, all of them to create a great mixture and variety of music.

Another technique would to be to control the volume and make sure it’s appropriate to the amount of people who are in the gym.

In closing, I would never play music that has profanity. This is self explanatory.

Next, I am going to cover gym rules.

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