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HARDCORE doesn’t have to be DIRTY!!!!! Dirty means that you are dirty. A clean gym is a safe gym. A gym promotes a variety of skin rashes as well as nasty little things that require medication to get rid of.

There are different levels of clean.

The wipe off method. This is when you take your towel and wipe off your sweat off the equipment. Looks clean, but you have your germs as well as bacteria still on the equipment.

Then there is the spray it down method. This is when you use some form of over the counter germicide, a step in the right direction but still very incomplete and under effective.

The last one is the best one, it is not as used as much because its expensive. This when you hire a professional bonded and licensed cleaning company. You hire them for seven days per week. They need to come in after hours and clean your entire gym, from toilets to weight equipment and everything in between. You also have these same folks clean in the middle of the day, everyday! At first glance you could say that this system is too expensive. If that is the case ask yourself this, what is it worth to you to ensure that nobody picks up GYM ROT at your gym?

Gyms need to be like hospitals….CLEAN! So if your gym is constantly dirty… then you need to find a new one.

The next time we talk it will be about a sore subject…. The music that is being played in your gym.

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