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To create the perfect gym training environment you have to have rules. Nothing crazy, just a few rules to ensure that everyone can have a safe and effective workout.

Rule #1. NO cursing or use of profanity. Although a lot of people curse, that doesn’t make it ok. Let’s find another way to communicate that doesn’t offend your gym members.

Rule #2. Keep your shirt on. Even though we are here to improve our bodies, every gym has a designated area to pose or to flex and visually measure your progress. Unless you are in that area, keep your shirt on.

Rule #3. Re-rack your weights! If you can lift it then you can put it back. A cluttered weight room is a dangerous weight room.

Rule#4. Do not slam the weights! Return the weights to the ground in a controlled manner. Dumbbells don’t last forever, there is a certain level of dropping, but lets use common sense.

Rule#5. Let others “work in”, don’t monopolize equipment. It’s rude to do a set and then shoot a text,or just sit there. You can rest or recover while someone else is doing a set.

Rule#6. Don’t slim or sweat all over the equipment. Most gyms supply towels and cleaning solution, please use them. This is really just being polite and using common sense.

You get the idea.If your gym doesn’t have posted rules then that is an unsafe gym. A gym should care enough to post the DO’s and DON’T’s which helps create a GREAT TRAINING ENVIRONMENT.

Next we will talk about personalities that help create a good or bad training environment.

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