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Equipment is as very BIG DEAL when it comes to training in the right environment. Case in point, on NATIONAL LEG DAY, ( I like to train legs on Monday, since that seems to be NATIONAL CHEST DAY) it drives me nuts when a gym has a LEG PRESS,HACK SQUAT and platform and SQUAT CAGE.

If you belong to a gym that has a healthy membership then they shouldhave 2 leg presses, 2 squat racks, 2 leg curl, etc.etc., you get the point.

If your gym doesn’t have enough equipment, that could potentially create a BAD TRAINING ENVIRONMENT.

Nothing is worse then you having a great pace, workout flowing great and BAM, you have to slow down and wait, or switch gears.

In short, you have to manipulate your workout. When a gym selects equipment they need to be LEG HEAVY and BACK HEAVY. Translation, a lot of leg and back equipment. The rest of the gym selections should compliment each other, but when choosing a gym, that is some solid criteria to operate from. Next I will talk about a topic that everyone has an opinion on when it comes to a positive gym environment, cleanliness. Talk to you then.

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