4 Common Mistakes That Will Negatively Affect Your Work-Outs

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4 Common Mistakes That Will Negatively Affect Your Work-Outs

by Mark Madole


We spend a lot of time, money, and energy training. So it would make sense that you do whatever you could to ensure that each workout will be successful. Here are 4 common mistakes that we have identified, that if avoided, would help create successful training sessions.


Testing Your Strength Instead of Building Your Strength

This one is easy, don’t make every workout a maximum day on every first exercise instead of sticking to the advised number of repetitions that your workout calls for. Studies show that by constantly trying to see how much you can lift you are wearing down the body instead of stimulating muscle. There is a time and a place in every program to see or test your strength. Use It when It applies.

Training Program ADD

This is also called Workout or Program Hopping. When you start out a program or workout routine give that program a chance to work before changing it. By constantly starting and stopping your body doesn’t have a chance to respond. So simply stated, pick a training program and stick to it.

Pick the Right Exercises and Movements

Don’t over complicate your workouts by doing too many exercises that you really don’t need to perform. Based on what you are training stick to the multi-joint compound movements i.e. Bench Press, Chin-Ups and Deadlifts. The benefits of using these types of movements is that they recruit the most muscles per exercise. This cuts down on the possibility of over-training as well as you spend less time and are more efficient for the time invested.

Exercise Technique

Perform your exercise movements correctly! By utilizing proper form technique and tempo (speed of the exercise) you will find that you will stimulate the muscle group that you are training a lot faster than you would be just moving the weight.  Furthermore, one should also be concerned with every aspect of forming the actual repetition of the exercise. From the positioning of one’s body to moving the weight through the entire range of motion, and to finally of putting the weight down after completion of the desired number of repetitions. Become a student of how to lift weights as well as a representative of the benefits from lifting them.


To get the body that we want takes a lot of time and energy. Don’t let your enthusiasm, intensity and commitment be slowed down by disappointment. Implement these four points and you will see some positive results.


Until later, train smarter, not longer.

Mark Madole

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