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Extreme Iron Pro Gym Specialty Equipment

The Best Collection Of Equipment In Carrollton

You may see some of these pieces elsewhere, but you won't see all of them anywhere else!

Westside Barbell Athletic Training Platform aka "The Belt Squat"


This patented product allows an individual to train in multiple ranges of motion while simultaneously tractioning the spine, helping to eliminate pelvic tilt, and constantly stimulating the gluteus maximus, medius, spinal erectors, core, hamstrings, quadriceps and gastroc's via the custom belt attachment.

Best of all there is zero-load placed on the spine making it safe and extremely easy for anyone to use, even injured athletes.

The Glute Builder


A revolutionary multifunctional station for the ultimate glutes training. It is the perfect bench for the hip thrust, allowing you to perform any hip thrust variation in a safe, independent, and efficient way.

  • Hip Thrust Station
  • Glute Bridge Platform
  • Advanced Deadlift Platform
  • Band Resisted Hip Extension Equipment
  • Advanced Band Resisted Plyo Station

Tuff Stuff Proformance Plus Pec Fly/Rear Delt

The independent arms on this machine have swivel handles, allowing for maximum adjustability in hand position from pronation to supination.

Westside Barbell Ultra Supreme Reverse Hyper


Protected by six patents, the Ultra Supreme Reverse Hyper offers unique benefits that you wont' find anywhere else. This machine was made with the health of your back in mind. It allows traction of the spine while rotating the sacrum during workouts. This device will develop the spinal erector, lumbar, glutes, and hamstrings with no compression of the spine for a stronger and more flexible athlete.

Helix Lateral Trainer


Most machines work front-to-back. The Helix turns tradition on its side - literally. With lateral (or side-to-side) movement, you will use more muscles, which means you burn more fat than during a traditional workout in the same amount of time. Science proves it. Plus Helix's patented motion tones your butt, core and inner/outer thighs better than old-fashioned cardio machines.

Westside Barbell Inverse Curl


The Inverse Curl, like other Westside Barbell devices, is unique to the industry. The design makes it possible to do a leg curl correctly, with the support the athlete needs. To use the Inverse Curl, the athlete kneels on the pad and lets the arm support them when lowering and raising their upper body. The more weight addd, the easier the exercise is to perform. The Inverse Curl machine makes it easy to customize the level of difficulty of the exercise so that the user can perform the exercise correctly.

Westside Barbell Hip/Quad


The Hip Quad Without Storage is a must for improving posture in the hip and abdominal area. The device develops the front of the hip while working the quads in a fully stretched position. The Hip Quad is fantastic for stretching and lengthening the iliopsoas, which can cause pelvic tilt.

The Gluteator


The Gluteator system has two points of resistance which forces the hip joint to move the thigh both back and out at the same time. For you scientists out there, that means resistance is provided as you both extend and abduct the hip in sagittal and frontal planes of motion, simultaneously.



This specially designed monolift allows for optimal squat training by taking the walkout away from the lift. You un-rack the weight while your training partner pulls the lever moving the rack hooks forward. The hydraulic lift and lever support stands adjust for all heights and hand positions.

Westside Barbell Plyometric Swing


The Plyoswing is essential for sports requiring extreme strength or explosive power during take-offs and landings, and for sports involving jumping, sprinting or lifting.

This machine is designed to convert potential energy into kinetic energy. We can increase mass, range of motion, and the amount of speed desired by using bands of adding weight. Using a large amount of bands to increase velocity, and adding weight plates to the Plyoswing to change mass will produce a very positive training effect. Its value cannot be duplicated in any other way due to the fact that one will invariably use more eccentric muscle tension and slow the yielding phase, causing a lessening effect on the reversal phase.

Speciality Bars, Attachments, and Accessories

Our extensive speciality bar collection includes:

  • EliteFTS Safety Squat Bar
  • EliteFTS Giant Cambered Bar
  • Fat Bar
  • Elite FTS Multi Grip Press Bar
  • Buffalo Bar
  • EliteFTS Rackable Strongman Log
  • Bambo Bar
  • Freak Bar
  • Westside Barbell Bulldog Squat Bar
  • Westside Barbell Bulldog Bench Press Bar
  • Westside Barbell Front Squat Harness
  • Powerpohl
  • 120lbs of chains and setup straps
  • Multiple sets of EliteFTS bands
  • Multiple Mag Grip cable attachments
  • EliteFTS Tsunami cable attachments

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